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EMU Invites Applications For Choral Festival

EMU Invites Applications For Choral Festival
Published Date: Friday, 16 February 2018

3rd Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Choral Festival will be taking place between 9 and 14 July 2018 under the organisation of Eastern Mediterranean University.

Online application for the said festival has commenced at EMU’s website as of 1 January 2018. Those wishing to apply for the event may fill in an application form available at the site and apply, accordingly.

Taking place once every two years, the choral festival invites the applications of different choirs including children, youth and adults. Along with the choirs in our country, a large number of choirs are expected to participate in the event both from Turkey and Europe.

EMU Invites Applications For Choral Festival

Director of the Festival and Choral Chef Erkan Dağlı stated that similar to previous organisations, the festival will take place with great interest this year. Dağlı also added that along with choral concerts taking place every night, the festival will also host workshops and training sessions.

Dağlı also put forth that each night at the concert will be dedicated to a music professional either from the TRNC or Turkey. Erkan Dağlı went on to state that this year’s event will host concerts in memory of Kamran Aziz, Cemaliye Kıyıcı, Saip Egüz, Muzaffer Arkan and Gülsen Çobanoğlu Hoca. Within the scope of the event, two composers, one of whom is from Turkey and the other is from the TRNC, will be presented 'Eastern Mediterranean University Choral Music Service Award”. Applications to the festival may be submitted online via